Variable Speed Limit Signs (VSLS)

Variable Speed Limit Signs (VSLS) with remote control and alert system.

TRU Hire Variable Speed Limit Signs (VSLS) are manufactured with innovative technology which are capable of displaying any text and graphics, allowing any speed limit to be displayed, significantly reduce the safety hazard by changing the Speed Limit in the constantly changing road conditions area, ideal for traffic management in road workers, industrial workplaces, school zones, neighborhoods and high-accident areas.


  • Amber color full-matrix LED display
  • Full remote control via phone/laptop/tablet/computer with OPT software
  • OPT local control software for on-site programming with tablet/laptop
  • Light Sensor (Auto dimming system)
  • Real-time device status, GPS tracking and SMS alert system
  • Optional Radar (over speed detecting and warning)

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