Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA)

A Truck Mounted Attenuator is designed to absorb the impact of low and high speed crashes, decreasing the damage made to the vehicle and to save workers lives.

The safety apparatus is welded or bolted on the rear side of a work truck. Sizes vary, but most are at least 1.5 metres wide to reduce the impact of an automobile collision.

Hire Lease Build

• TL-2 or TL-3 Attenuator trucks fitted with mash approved TMA’s
• Euro LED LAS Arrowboard System
• L1 & L2 stand holders with crows foot storage rack
• Large signs rack
• Fall arrest system, certified to AS/NZ Standard 1891.4
• Reverse alarm, handbrake alarm
• Reverse Camera with a Multi-Function Camera system
• Sandblasted, anti-rust primed & colour matched cab

Canvas Seat Covers, Floor Mats, Right side Monsoon Shield, Stoneguard
& Sunvisor, Roof Top & Rear Beacons, Deck Lights, Fall Arrest System

On Roads:
12 Months Rego, Hubo, COF, 1000km of RUC, Installation & Certification

UD PF18-250AS-Auto (5500mm or 6000mm WB)
FUSO Fighter 1628 Auto (5500mm WB)

TL2-TL3 Attenuator Truck Brochure


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