$80 (Half Day)

$120(Full Day)

Need to shift house, brand displays, sports or band equipment, or deliver goods This Trailer is ideal and can hold an amazing 13.5 cube.
Pair this with our van and who needs a truck to move your house

This trailer also doubles as a motorcycle transporter.
If you want something a little more secure for transporting your motorcycles this is ideal. (keeps them out of the wind rain and dirt)
Has 2 Motorcycle stands that bolt into the floor of the trailer paired with a couple of strops makes this vehicle very easy to relocate your bikes in.

Box Size = 3.5m x 1.7m x 2.3m
Axles = Double
Brakes = Yes
Tare Weight = 900kg
Gross Weight = 2499kg
Load Capacity = 1599kg

Special pricing is available for long term van hire


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