AWVMS (Advanced Warning Variable Message Sign)

  • Wireless (WLAN) touchscreen remote control included
  • Starting and operation can be carried out while driving from driver’s cabin
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • A further 9 brightness settings which can be chosen manually
  • Displays all common traffic signs
  • Displays animated pictures and texts at the same time
  • Create additional signs easily using the included sign creation programme
  • The remote control holds a list of pre-programmed signs & up to 1,500 additional traffic signs & texts, which are freely selectable
Hire Lease Build

Upper LED board

  • Dimensions 1,010 x 1,010 x 180 mm
  • 48 x 48 pixel
  • Traffic signs with Ø up 1,000 mm respectively side length 1,000mm can be displayed

Lower LED board

  • Dimensions 1,245 x 1,645 x 180 mm
  • Traffic guidance arrows fill the complete height of the board » Texts can be overlayed


  • Completely hot dip galvanized
  • Electronic lifting / lowering device
  • Electronic locking device secures the board in upright and transport position
  • Sturdy steel boxes with checker plate lid
  • Welded-on eyelets

Brochure: TRU AWVMS Booklet


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